It is a Spanish brand, founded by the model Argentina Magali Aravena Carabajal, specialized in the design of bathroom clothes. The manufacture of each piece is handcrafted in Portugal, where the model currently resides.

The design team, led by Magali, is a group of fashion professionals, for whom the swimsuit is a trend product, as well as a suit for the bathroom, thus selecting the best Italian fabrics to provide optimum quality.

The designs and prints are exclusive to our brand Magali Aravena, inspired mainly in the life of the model.

Our priority of elegance, comfort and fashion, have led us to the realization of a unique and special collection.

It is the name of the first collection of my brand Magali Aravena, made up of exclusive swimming trunks and bikinis of own design. This 2017 collection was born with a feeling of elegance and simplicity in the composition of each piece, which aspires to a vision aesthetically sober and, in turn electrifying, about the modern world in the fashion of swimsuits.

Each piece that makes up Swiim Collection 2017 is inspired by both international trends and my personal relationships. During the design process, I could only imagine them, playing on the beach, in the pool or just sunbathing with these beautiful pieces, which is why I decided to dedicate my first collection to them, my friends and my relatives who have I was always there, supporting myself and motivating myself every day to follow the path that makes my dreams come true.

Swiim has a vision linked to styles, formats and color combinations, highlighting soft prints with pink and neutral tones, reflecting the elegant and modern of summer 2017.

I hope you like Swiim Collection 2017.